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Ashley and Ryan [entries|friends|calendar]
Don't Even Bother

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[23 Sep 2005|10:11pm]

You are somehow never around when I am, I think we have timing issues Buttercup. If you see this SIGN ON and send me a message. I'll try to answer but I will only be around a couple more hours. If not tonight, try me again tomorrow. Miss you baby.
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[26 Jul 2005|11:08pm]

Our community is dead and that makes me sad.

Oh, I changed most of your keywords and commented on a few. The one night I was able to sign on and you're nowhere to be seen. Sigh.
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[09 Apr 2005|05:36am]

Sigh, I need my wonderful icon maker to make another one. I took my mom to the premier cause my stalker didn't show up.

Please and Thank You. ;-*
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[18 Mar 2005|12:16am]

[ i have an ooc request for your skills if you're up for it. I hope I'm not making you feel like you have to do anything for me, it's just if you get the chance, I always really like the stuff you make. And I would rather you make it then someone I don't know what their work is like.

I just joined a pb rpg at Greatestjournal.com. My PB is Jake Gyllenhaal and I want something for my userinfo. Just the picture and I would like it to have text on it that says "Show me how pretty the world is". I'll link to a couple pictures so you can decide which would work best. But again, if you can't or don't want to then it's cool.

Thanks either way. ;-* <3<3<3<3<3<3

Pic one

Pic two

Pic three

Pic four

Pic five

Pic six]
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[16 Mar 2005|12:41am]


Scary Bunny is POINTING AT YOU

edit LMAOCollapse )
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